11+ Exam Preparation and the Summer Holidays

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Ah, the summer holidays. It brings back memories of the sun, sand and surf. Trips far away, busy airport lounges and the effort made to try to squeeze as much into a day as possible.

The last thing on anyone’s mind was school work! That is unless you were due to sit an entrance examination.

Year 5 to Year 6

For those transitioning from Year 5 into Year 6 the summer holidays are a crucially important time. This is due to the fact that almost as soon as children arrive for their first day in school as a Year 6, it is time to sit the 11+ Entrance Examination.

This year, Spalding Grammar and Spalding High’s 11+ exams are sat over 2 Saturdays in September 2018.

Wisbech Grammar School’s entrance exam is the first Saturday of October 2018.

Combating the Summer Slump

Summer holidays are notoriously long and it is quite common for a child’s attainment to experience a slump. In order to keep their brain on top of their subjects they need to use it regularly. This can be achieved by completing short, regular tasks during the holiday: reciting some multiplication tables, writing a letter or a holiday journal, reading a good book, and even keeping a holiday blog are all ways to keep attainment high and to avoid the summer slump!

It is also a good opportunity for parents who are concerned about their child coping with the examinations and their contents to put some extra help in place, albeit at the last minute. If this is you, do get in touch as I can help.

Local Exams

Spalding exams focus around a Verbal Reasoning examination and a Non-Verbal Reasoning examination.

Wisbech Grammar’s exam focuses around a Cognative Abilities Test (CAT Test) and a piece of assessed writing.

The question types in these exams can be explained. With understanding and practise, levels of attainment can be increased.

Getting Help

If you would like to help your child approach the exam (or exams if they are sitting at multiple schools) I currently have some spaces available for bespoke 1-on-1 tuition during the summer holidays and would be more than happy to help. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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