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Celebrate Stories this World Book Day

Today’s the day! International World Book Day has descended upon us once again – especially if you are a parent of a primary school aged child!

I won’t ask how long you have spent planning the outfit, or if you just bought one off eBay.

I won’t ask if the dressing up is actually of a character from a book, or if it was just something you had in the dress-up box anyway.

I know some schools have abandoned the stress (and over-excitement) of dressing up and have opted for other ways to celebrate the joy of reading – such as to simply bring in your favourite book.; or to decorate a potato (yes, a potato) as your favourite book character; or to design a cover for your favourite book.

In the midst of the chaos and the fun we can so easily lose track of what the day is all about – celebrating the joy of reading.

In fact, having events like this help to promote the value of reading to your child.

Top Tips on making the most of World Book Day

  • Use an opportunity to share a story with your child. It may be from a book, or why not spend time just chatting and telling ‘remember when…’ stories from family experiences. Encourage them to tell you stories too.
  • For reluctant readers – remember it doesn’t have to be a book they read! Try reading a comic, graphic novel, or magazine.
  • Why not create a small / story story that uses emoticons from their mobile phones to help make fun words or phrases (you may learn a thing or two from them).
  • Actually make use of the free book token they are given at school – let them buy a book from a shop!
  • Allow them to have fun, but remember to try to celebrate reading and story telling in the midst of it all.

Happy World Book Day!

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