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It’s National Stationery Week

This week (29th April – 5th May 2019) is National Stationery Week! And today (Wednesday) is World Stationery Day!

Why does this matter? It matter because it is a chance to celebrate the art of the handwritten word. Writing by hand is an art form that is sadly becoming less and less used due to the rise of digital platforms and tools. There is nothing wrong with digital – but we should still celebrate the precious ability we have of penning the written word on real-life paper!

What better way to do this than getting comfortable with your favourite pen (or go all-out and buy a new one!) and:

  • Writing a handwritten letter to someone
  • Writing a card
  • Being creative and penning a poem
  • Start exploring the wonderful world of handwritten calligraphy

So pick up a pen and have a go at writing – or better still, write something together.

As parents, or as educators, much emphasis is placed upon the importance of writing and handwriting in particular. Today is a good opportunity to celebrate this. But more importantly it is also a good chance to let your children see what you value when they observe you doing it yourself – not just nagging them to to it.

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