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November: A Great Month for History and Creativity

As I sit in my lounge typing this post, I can hear the distant whistling and popping of fireworks as it is bonfire night.


November is one of those months that lends itself to history. Bonfire night remembers the gunpowder plot in 1605 which was a failed assassination attempt against King James I.

This is closely followed by Remembrance Day on 11th November where we remember the end of World War I on that date in 1918 as well as remembering all those who have fought and fallen in the armed forces protecting our freedom and democracy.


Both of these events also naturally lend themselves to creativity. Fireworks are great subjects for very effective artistic explorations using a variety of mediums: chalk, flicked paint, blowing paint with a straw etc. You can also write a description about fireworks or a poem using some sizzling adjectives!

Remembrance Day is a bit more somber in tone but can also be explored creatively through poetry, public speaking or art (the red poppy being a poignant symbol of the occasion).

Life Long Learning

To help your child become a life long learner, try to draw out themes from the world around them. Make connections with every day events or occasions. encourage curiosity and creativity in all its forms.

Have a great November!

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